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I have certainly always landed in the wrong hands in Africa relating to Mining Investments or Gold purchase. Dream Club was recommended by a personal friend from Moscow and henceforth, all my mining investments have seen good return and all Gold purchase transactions have been honest and straight forward. If you indeed continue like this, I guarantee all investors will see your firm as a true gateway to business in Africa.
Investor - Monaco (French Riviera)
You helped us fully set up in an entirely new and different market by providing us unbelievable local support . Through Dream Club Group ; my staff secured resident permits , an office was sorted out and professionals were referred to us in the most bespoke manner as to attend to all our needs. I am still in awe ! What can’t you do professionally?
Industrialist - Mumbai (India )
The logistics put in place for our conference in Brazil was spectacular. Management was picked up on time from the Airport, hotel choice was well thought through and the venue was a classic. Obrigado !
Investment Banker - London (United Kingdom)
It’s refreshing to have finally come across superb Art Advisory Services ! Not only has this esteemed firm helped me build a magnificent and valuable Art Collection ; But most importantly your referred Art Expert has bestowed on me, a special perspective on how to expand and refresh my existing Art Collection with highly effective results.
Hedge Fund Manager - New York City (U.S.A.)
Through my Dream Club membership , I gained access to a very exclusive Private Members Club in London. Other Dream Club members who were members of this Private Members Club were also introduced to me. Fast Forward , I am now doing business in the U.K. with Dream Club Group's introductions. I am forever grateful I found you guys ! Thanks a million !
Businesswoman - Milan ( Italy)
I now use Dream Club Group for all my foreign investments; particularly Real Estate transactions. Their advice is always truthful and they make sure to always keep me updated on all Investment opportunities across Continents. Your Company is indeed; a one-stop shop for all professional requirements.
Hotelier - Shanghai (China)
I have many private and exclusive memberships and own credit cards that provide concierge services. Yet , none of them have proved more worthwhile than my Dream Club membership ! Not only does Dream Club cater to all my needs once I find myself in unknown territory but also use their network of Dream Club members to refer great business my way. This is a Company that genuinely goes above and beyond for it's clients ! I strongly recommend them !
Lawyer - Accra (Ghana)
Your Luxury Goods procurement division is Impressive. I am an ardent fan of Hermes bags ; and your team has never failed me. I am definitely taking up your gift services this Christmas for my friends and loved ones.
Interior Designer - Abu Dhabi (U.A.E. )
From hotel reservations , to our on the ground tour guides and all round activities; our family holiday to Cuba is one we shall never forget ! I am seriously opting for Corporate Membership and using Dream Club for all my Corporate Travels as well as our Client entertainment.
Adviser and Business Consultant - Cape Town (South Africa)
Our ground transportation in Dubai was smooth and I liked that all your drivers were very knowledgeable. We shall definitely continue to use Dream Club Group for all our International Executive Transfers. I am an extremely well - traveled individual but have come across nothing like your firm. Keep up the good work!
Governor - Abuja (Nigeria)
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