Dream Philanthropy is our Corporate Social Responsibility. At Dollar and Dream, our core value is giving back to society in an impactful way. We take our obligation to society very seriously by dutifully reserving a percentage of our corporate annual turnover to fund beneficial activities and life changing programmes. Through our subsidiary, The Dream Club; our Exclusive Private Members Club, we create a platform for our Elite Dream Club Members to connect with those with the least resources and in turn, helping them walk through the debris of life. We also collaborate with renowned humanitarian organisations and other social enterprises to organise programs and initiatives that change lives, offer real hope and help the needy realise and materialise their dreams. Dream Philanthropy positions us to invest these donations and contributions from our Elite Dream Club Members and other Donors in providing educational material, clothing and food to the needy, tangible resources to humanitarian institutions, relief items to disaster stricken communities, unfolding research programmes, setting up fundraising events for a good cause or even providing a unique platform for budding entrepreneurs to launch their businesses and grow.

What Our Corporate Clients Say...

This is a great initiative; and due to such , I always renew my Dream Club membership annually. It is good to know that as I enjoy the Dream Lifestyle ; I also allow someone in a deprived condition to dream and live.

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