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Dream Club is a powerful and exclusive "invitation - only" Business and Lifestyle Club with a profound and unique global reach.

Being the leading Firm within our field of Business and Lifestyle in Africa; with a physical office in Ghana, West Africa and a newly set up office in London, United Kingdom; together with other Partner Offices across major Cities; simply means that all aspects of your Lifestyle be it Corporate, Social or Personal ; is diligently attended to and taken care of worldwide.

A single phone call or an email from you with your request is all we require whilst we handle all for you diligently with our expert business services ,seamless lifestyle management services and our well seasoned global partners respectively.

The Dream Club exhibits a unique service model by directly connecting Business Owners and Decision Makers of different Industry , Culture and Background as to seamlessly facilitate International Trade deals as well as provide global concierge and local support services to cater to all Business, Lifestyle , travel and Entertainment needs whenever and wherever you are be it Local or International.

The Dream Club is the only Business and Lifestyle Institute with a true matchless grasp of West and Sub Saharan Africa. This is extremely advantageous being that Africa is the new frontier of business.

In a nutshell, The Dream Club is a Corporate body that has been carefully structured to connect the Elite and Influential directly for Business , Lifestyle and Philanthropy.

Mr. Francis Poku (President & Founder)

Mr. Francis Poku is a Serial Entrepreneur, Expert Business Consultant and Philanthropist with keen professional expertise regarding Business and Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa, Connecting Decision Makers and Promoting Intra and International trade. Mr. Francis Poku is the direct descendant of the Famous Entrepreneur, Industrialist and Philanthropist, The Late Mr. Francis K. Poku of Poku Tansport and Industry – Trading and Transportation Business Empire.
Being the Heir to a renowned and powerful African Family Trading and Transportation Conglomerate; Francis has discharged himself creditably by demonstrating significant intellect in all his business endeavours; drawing heavily from the tutelage and business skills naturally stemming from an Elite and Powerful Business Savvy Family. Affectionately referred to as “Franckie Dollars” by friends and business associates alike, Mr. Francis Poku ; is a go-getter ; one who always sets out to achieve great things and one who has championed the cause of entrepreneurship throughout his life. Francis is affable and accessible; and possesses a unique ability to connect with different types of people from all walks of life and background.

Due to such genuine passion for life and whilst staying true to this passion, Francis set up Dream Philanthropy ; Dream Club Group’s social investment arm set up to provide support to the less fortunate as to help them walk through the debris of life and allow them to materialise their dreams in society.
Mr. Francis Poku is also a member of The Board of Trustees of The Poku Transport Endowment Fund. A Family Fund set up to provide financial support to bright and intelligent students who lack the financial means to complete their University Education. The positive impact of this Fund is evident at The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (K.N.U.S.T.) in Kumasi, Ghana with most bright students being sponsored til their graduation. Read more...

Mr. Poku is a shrewd businessman who carries out all his dealings with integrity and unbiased advice. Such strong attributes and knowledge has made him a resourceful point person and the consultant of choice for High Net worth and Ultra High Net worth individuals thinking Africa, Business and Investment.
His profound knowledge , experience and ability to steer Investors and their Corporations towards effective productivity and lucrative profitability has landed him positions on the board of various multinational Companies as an International Business Consultant and Expert Advisor pertaining to International Trade and other Commodity.
Francis is a graduate from the University of Essex in the United Kingdom; with an Honors Degree in Bachelors of Science – BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science; and solidifies this with two state of the art medical facilities under his belt in Ghana, West Africa ; christened Histolab Diagnostic Centre.
Over the years, Mr. Francis Poku has established himself as a leading “truthful” expert in lifestyle management issues, executive networking, business facilitation and Investment in Africa with acute focus on Gold purchase and Mining.
These strong values and great attributes, has made the Dream Club Group of Companies, a leading Business and Lifestyle Group that connects Decision Makers across Continents for Business purposes as well as provide Business management consulting and Lifestyle concierge service support to said Decision Makers once they find themselves outside their Country of Residence.
In his past time, he enjoys reading, travelling and sailing. “Franckie” is also an ardent fan of antiques and is a watch collector.